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Benefits of Gymnastics for Kids!

Benefits of Gymnastics

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All children can benefit from classes in gymnastics, even if they don’t go on to compete. Gymnastics is not only focused on hard work and hours of training you see from the Olympians on television; it is also a fun experience that every kid should be exposed to.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years. With obesity comes other issues such as, heart disease, diabetes, and asthma. Gymnastics can increase a child’s love for physical movement and keep them active inside and out of the gym.

Enrolling young children in classes can help them develop great coordination and body awareness that may not happen without gymnastics classes. Therefore, gymnastics is a great starter sport for young children. Another reason to put your little ones in gymnastics is it helps them develop excellent social skills. Standing in line, waiting, listening for instructions, and learning to be independent helps them learn basic life skills.

Gymnastics is a difficult sport. Working for skills and wanting to learn new ones teaches great work ethic, determination, and discipline. Gymnastics encourages kids to keep working until you reach you goal, which will help them later on in life.

Strength and flexibility are also very big benefits of gymnastics classes. Gymnastics produces the strongest athletes in the world, and requires core, arm, leg, and even back strength. The stronger the kid’s muscles, the lower chance of injury. Flexibility can also decrease the likelihood of everyday aches and pains, as well as help performance in other sports and activities.

As you can see, gymnastics is a wonderful sport for everyone and the benefits are endless. Even if you don’t want your kid to grow up to be a gymnast, gymnastics can help with other sports and with their future. Therefore, every child should participate in gymmastics.

~Jada Wheeler

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