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The Positive Impact of Dancing

Ballroom, disco, swing, hip-hop.... There are all kinds of dances. A lot of dancing today is about self-expression and enjoyment. For us here at Twin Lion, it's the best and most fun way to get in some exercise to help us stay in good health.

The benefits 

Whether you're old, young, big or small, dancing can be a way to stay fit. It has a wide range of physical and mental benefits including:

  • A boost to your self-confidence and self-esteem.

  • Positive psychological and mental impact.

  • Physical confidence.

  • Better proprioception and balance.

  • Developing and maintaining muscle tone, endurance and strength.

  • Increased blood flow.

  • Exercise and maintenance of your heart and lungs.

How to Start

Whether you're starting solo, with a group, or with a partner - you can start dancing right away. Check out local Meetups, Recreation/Wellness clubs, Facebook groups, and existing dance schools.

There's even room for growth - if you get really confidence and proficient, many areas have competitions in many formats.

Shoes will be your primary "equipment", but nothing fancy is necessary to start. We've seen some people go as far as taping duct tape to the bottom of their shoes to mimic felt that easily slides and glides over dance floors. However there are some specialized forms of dance that require specific shoes - ballet and tap dancing for example. 


  • Swing

  • Lindy-Hop

  • Hip-Hop

  • Cumbia

  • Bachatta

  • Pole Dancing

  • Ballroom

  • Tap

  • Barn/Square

Dance Type Selection 

When trying to land on a dance style, consider the following:

  • Is this to get good enough to enter into competitions?

  • Is exercise and fitness the main goal?

  • Can you do this with a group of friends or are you jumping in solo?

  • Was dancing recommended to you to help with mental performance?

  • Is the social aspect of dancing the main driver?

  • Are you doing this for your partner?

The biggest thing to consider above all: What dance type looks FUN!? If you're having fun, you'll keep coming back for more.

Key Tips

  • Dancing is for everyone!

  • It's a great way to exercise for people across all spectrums.

  • Social dancing is great if you're new to a city/town and want to meet new people.

  • Always consult your doctor for strenuous activity to ensure you're not in danger of hurting yourself.

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