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The Squat Test

A human being should be able to sit on the ground and move on the ground and even take a poop on the ground right

and it turns out that squatting all the way down was an excellent way to accumulate positional time under tension without any other rigmarole. I didn't need a band and need a barbell. You didn't need any other equipment. You could just start trying to spend time at end range which is the first order of business around

restoring position or developing capacity.


One of the first questions we asked is “how much time are you spending in this position?”


If you follow a gymnast, they are always on their hands and the idea here is we can noodle on these

positions and shapes over time simply by exposing ourselves to those positions. So let's see if we can get 10 minutes in this bottom position. Now for a lot of us that was the first time anyone had really asked

us to spend time in this end range position.


The squat should be a cost-free position to hang out in but we were working hard to achieve this end range position. Now I appreciate we all have different capacities of the hip but the only difference is your pelvis may be

reversing earlier than someone else. You should still be able to squat all the way to the ground.

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