Current Projects:

  • Lion Royale!

    • Collaborating with the finest professionals at Colorado Universities doctoral program.

    • A card game for young children ​to aid in the development of mathematical, analytical, and strategic thinking. 

  • Twin Lion Pendant

    • Design Selected.

    • Prototypes have been made.

    • Refining drafts of the CAD file are in the works.


Future Project(s): 

  • New land and building construction​

    • Expansion of service's:​

      • Autism assessment and coaching services​

      • Yoga/Dance/Self-Defense/Dynamic workout classes

      • Local Community Game Store for children and teenagers

      • Nutrition Consulting Services

      • Massage/A.R.T./Chiropractic Services


Bringing Northern Colorado affordable, fun, efficient, and exceptional services for you and your family!